Environmental Knowledge Matters: Assessing Impacts of the Luce Foundation Initiative on Higher Education and Sustainability

How do foundations make a difference? The Luce Foundation sought to extend interdisciplinarity, internationalism, experiential learning and management around the environment in higher education. These goals, along with the public impacts, digital extensions, and contributions to sustainability of projects undertaken across more than 30 colleges and universities are assessed. Innovations in sustainability, management, and experiential learning were most apparent, interdisciplinarity most variable, local public engagement most surprising, and internationalism most challenged across the initiative. Read more

Bard: Slow Water, Clean Water, and Learning Across Borders

The Bard partnership with the Institute for Nature and Society in Oaxaca, Mexico, illustrates how learning across borders can be both local and transnational. Their collaboration not only extended research opportunities for Bard faculty and students, but it also developed new and critical understandings about mutual learning. The approach by Oaxaca partners to "slow water" has informed a new understanding of watershed management at home and abroad.Watch Video

Berkeley: Sustainability in Products & Practice

The University of California Berkeley Engineering and Business for Sustainability (EBS) Certificate Program brings sustainability into product design and development in a variety of ways, from surfboards to housing. Exemplifying interdisciplinary creativity and consequence, faculty, students, and their partners in various communities show the power of innovative thinking about sustainability.Watch Video

COA: Experiential Learing on the Atlantic

The College of the Atlantic illustrates how experiential learning is not only interdisciplinary, but profoundly enriched by its immersion in the biophysical environment. The ocean becomes the critical partner for developing a sustainable marine studies program that helps all students — from artists to scientists — to understand and communicate better how humans and the environment are related.Watch Video